A Photographer’s Tips for Successful Photo Shoots

//A Photographer’s Tips for Successful Photo Shoots

A Photographer’s Tips for Successful Photo Shoots

There is so much more involved in a successful photo shoot than just showing up to take pictures. I’ve learned this by working alongside Reed Brown of Reed Brown Photography the past several years. Reed partners with roux on many projects and has become a trusted professional and friend. He understands the importance of intentional planning and preparation for every project.

We’ve asked him to compile his top tips for preparing for success during a photo shoot, to provide some useful advice for practical application.

(1) Plan ahead. Spend time thinking about what you need to bring and what environment you will be shooting in. Things like umbrellas, a dry pair of shoes and a generator can save the day.

(2) Time of day. On any outdoor shoot and some indoor shoots, the time of day is critical. That hour around sunrise or sunset is the best light of the day. I prefer sunset because the grass isn’t wet and you aren’t setting up in the dark.

(3) Charge your batteries. Before any given shoot day, I charge 8 to 10 batteries in different devices – phone, iPad, cameras, power supplies, wireless transmitters laptops etc.

(4) Know your gear. Make sure you are comfortable with the operation of all your equipment and the results they can achieve. Knowing your camera, lenses and lighting equipment lets you focus on getting creative and fine tuning your results instead of struggling with menus and settings.

(5) Over-deliver. Always shoot as many different set ups as possible. You never know what image the client will like so give them as many options as you can.


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