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Greetings friends!


As you probably know by now, we’re always looking for an excuse to learn something new. If we can do it with friends and family, even better!


In honor of our south Louisiana roots, roux recently teamed up with one of our favorite neighborhood bakeries to […]

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Roux’s Review of SB LIII

So, the Patriot’s won another big game – shout out to the Rams for making it a close game (even though it was a bit of a yawner). The halftime show was met with mixed reviews – one thing is clear – Adam Levine is a big fan of ink.


As is our custom, the roux croux […]

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A Photographer’s Tips for Successful Photo Shoots

There is so much more involved in a successful photo shoot than just showing up to take pictures. I’ve learned this by working alongside Reed Brown of Reed Brown Photography the past several years. Reed partners with roux on many projects and has become a trusted professional and friend. He understands the importance of intentional planning […]

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The Wall That Heals

We recently had the opportunity to create a video of The Wall That Heals, which is a traveling replica of the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington, DC. The entire process of bringing The Wall into a community, to constructing it to seeing people experience it was tremendously impressive and emotional.


Info from […]

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Lots of Doing

I recently began taking pottery classes at a local shop down my street. It’s been a very fun, messy adventure that I’ve been doing as part of the roux ‘go look’ challenge (I speak a little about that challenge here). The pots don’t always come out how I anticipated […]

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Lauren’s Summer Favorites

We all have our go-tos – the items that we throw into the shopping cart without blinking an eye.How often do we really think about where that product came from or who made it? I’ve been working to become more intentional with my favorites products lately by finding things that are made by local businesses or by […]

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The Making of the New Site

“I strive for two things in design: simplicity and clarity. Great design is born of those two things.”

– Lindon Leader

With ol’ Lindon’s words running through my mind, my overall goal for the new roux website was for it to be a breath of fresh […]

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Surrounded by Creativity

Sometimes when I am driving in crazy traffic out of frustration I say I am surrounded by idiots. But then I realize that everyone is just trying to get somewhere just like I am and I try to think of the other drivers, […]

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