Free Summer Wallpapers



Our team is excited for a fun Summer full of new projects and adventures. To help us celebrate the fun activities ahead, creative friend Kyle Sorvick […]

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Free Spring Wallpaper

It’s Spring and we are celebrating with another free wallpaper download! This season’s artwork was created by our design intern, Christy Layton, who is joining us from O’More College of Design this semester. Christy is our resident Irish dancer who loves […]

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Free Winter Wallpaper

The weather is finally getting colder (some days) and the Holidays are almost here. It is officially Winter! As part of the new roux tradition, we asked creative Madison Coil to design our free winter desktop and phone wallpaper. We are […]

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Free Fall Wallpaper


We’re all very excited that our beloved fall is here. It’s time to buy your pumpkins, hang your wreaths and download a new wallpaper for your phone and desktop. To help you celebrate, we asked our freelancer TJ Gully to design a free […]

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