roux crew promises

When you join our crew, you aren’t just another freelancer. You’re part of a handpicked, trusted group of specialists who value great work as much as we do. Whether you team up with us once a year or every other day, we’ll treat you […]

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The Ideal Team Player by Patrick Lencioni

teamplayer image


Are you humble, hungry and smart? If so you may be the ideal team player. In his newest how to business book, Patrick Lencioni takes readers through the story of a small company with lots of potential (two huge new construction projects) and challenges […]

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Thanks for the Ride, roux


by Stacie Collins

I never cared much for the bus ride to school when I was growing up. Maybe that was because we were the first ones on and the last ones off every day, and at least ten hours of my […]

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Christmas Memories

At this time of year many of us become nostalgic, remembering special Christmas memories, traditions or simply “the good old days.” For others this time of year is not quite so bright, perhaps due to the death of a loved one around the holidays, being alone (or just feeling alone), having to navigate tricky family relationships […]

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roux’s Open-Table Culture


by Joy Sarnacke


I love the round table at roux. Large yet inviting, it’s just the right mix of brawn and beauty. But what I admire most about this well-placed anchor are the people who gather around it.


Unlike […]

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Realities of a roux Intern

Katie Biggs


As a summer intern at roux, I am excited to be able to share a little bit about this great opportunity. To give a little bit of background, I am an undergraduate marketing major soon to be going into my […]

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From Terri’s view

mom My mom – Agnes Glasgow Fulton


I have put off and put off adding my post to the roux kitchen. I am far more comfortable helping others than being front and center myself. I do not like talking about myself. I do like to […]

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Welcome to the roux kitchen

Everyone seems to gather in kitchens. It’s where food is shared, babies are cuddled and passed around, relationships are formed and strengthened, stories are told and memories are made. Friends and family laugh loudly and sometimes weep quietly. Together. In the kitchen.


The roux kitchen is a place we intend to utilize as a tool to share […]

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From Lauren’s view

Lauren is the lead creative for roux Lauren is a lead creative for roux


My time with roux has been a wonderful experience. While reflecting on what it means to me personally, I thought of our encouraging work atmosphere and the great people I work with.


I […]

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From Karen’s view

Karen Hall

Karen Hall is an account strategist for roux


As I enjoy the quiet stillness of my home on a weekend morning I am reflecting on how I was blessed to become a part of roux and what being part of the team means to […]

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