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1401, 2019

A Photographer’s Tips for Successful Photo Shoots

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There is so much more involved in a successful photo shoot than just showing up to take pictures. I’ve learned this by working alongside Reed Brown of Reed Brown Photography the past several years. Reed partners with roux on many projects and has become a trusted professional and friend. He understands the importance of intentional planning and preparation for every project.

We’ve asked him to compile his top tips for preparing for success during a photo shoot, to provide some useful advice for practical application.

(1) Plan ahead. Spend time thinking about what […]

1611, 2018

Do people love to follow you?

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Branding Agency Franklin Image of Vision Leadership and MoreThe roux team attended the Global Leadership Summit in August (it is an annual “must” for us and we highly recommend). We’ve been tasked to write about the presentation that was most influential to us. Choosing just one has proven to be a difficult task since all the speakers had such powerful messages.
At the top of my list Craig Groeschel speaking on the topic of “How to be a leader that people love to follow.” He quickly pointed out that there is a […]

1709, 2018

Keeping up with the Kardashians

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Have you ever been faced with a choice that it actually seems impossible to choose? No, really. Like the only option is not deciding because that’s how much you can’t decide! That is where I am right now. And that is because I’m supposed to choose just one speaker who impacted me on our recent experience at the 2018 Global Leadership Summit and: I. Just. Can’t! So, I’m going to cheat.
I won’t write about how inspired I was just by listening to how Angela Ahrendts starts her mornings each day (with coffee and a podcast by the way – I […]

2108, 2018

Girl’s Weekend

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Georgia Wine Country Trip by Franklin Advertising Agency RouxAs Lauren mentioned in an earlier post, Stefan gave us all a generous amount of Christmas cash to be used on an experience. The only stipulations were that 1) all the money was utilized and 2) we write a blog post about what we did.
My experience was a wonderful weekend with three amazing women – my best friend since seventh grade, her sister and her niece. Well, sure, I’ve been on girl’s trips before and I’ve traveled often with this […]

708, 2018

Sunny Side Up

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What’s the first thing you do when you hit a bump in the proverbial road? Do you beat yourself up, feel regretful or down? Or do you try to look at the up side? Life is always going to have bumps. Thumbs Up Image and Practice Gratitude Advice from Franklin Advertising Agency Roux LLCHow we deal with them makes all the difference.
I look forward to our team’s sessions here at roux. Reviews have become an essential function that keep us balanced, on task, and in sync with each other and our […]