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//Lauren’s Summer Favorites

Lauren’s Summer Favorites

We all have our go-tos – the items that we throw into the shopping cart without blinking an eye.How often do we really think about where that product came from or who made it? I’ve been working to become more intentional with my favorites products lately by finding things that are made by local businesses or by companies that care about the environment and their associates. While it can be a bit challenging, I’ve found that I can almost always find a great product without having to compromise on the quality.



    1. Magnolia Journal:
    2. Yogi Bedtime team:
    3. Dr. Bronner’s Lavender Castile Soap:
    4. Olive Sinclair Chocolate:
    5. Baxter & Bailey dog treats:
    6. Siggi’s skyr:


My list might not always be perfect but it’s the intentional mindset that I strive for. What are your favorites? And how do those companies bring goodness to the world?

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