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When you become one of our croux, you aren’t just another freelancer. You’re part of a handpicked, trusted group of specialists who value great work as much as we do. Whether you team up with us once a year or every other day, we will treat you like one of our own. Of course, in return, we ask that you make a few commitments too.


Drop by the roux office and you will find a close-knit group of senior strategists with years of experience and expertise.


Most agencies are limited to one creative department. At roux, we partner with an entire community of carefully chosen specialists.


Think you might be a good fit for our community and team? We would love to chat with you, and see what you’re all about.

We promise to:
You promise to:
Our promises:
1. Honor your passion.

We take the time to understand what kind of work you love to do, and give you more of it.

1. Honor our passion.

We love our clients, and we’ve worked hard to earn their trust. We ask you to respect those relationships by quoting jobs fairly, sticking to the schedule, being wise with your time and putting full effort into every project.

2. Take pride in your work.

We don’t hide our creative freelancers. If anything, we like to show them off—from involving you in client meetings to making sure your name is on the right award entry.

2. Take pride in your work.

We know that great work takes time, so we try to accommodate your creative process as much as possible. And we also want to know that you’re putting the hours into the work. Give us your best, and we’ll give you ours.

3. Keep it real.

How? By being up-front with you on expectations, deadlines and deliverables. By being respectful of your rate and time. And by pairing you up with skillful people when the project calls for it.

3. Keep it real.

Please be honest. If you’re struggling on a project, raise the flag. We’d much rather join forces and help you think through something than find out at the last minute that you have nothing.

4. Share the love.

We promise to pay you every week. Plus, every three months, we give back to each member of the roux croux based on his or her contribution to that quarter’s profit. (Did we mention that we also have quarterly “Family Outings?”)

4. Grow the love.

Whether you’re finding ways to grow your talents on your own or learning from fellow roux croux members, we expect you to take advantage of every opportunity to make yourself, and us, even better.

5. Respect face time.

We get it. There’s a reason you’re a freelancer. We promise to embrace the technology that gives you the freedom to work from anywhere or come in and work with others where possible. We have an open collaborative workspace for all croux members to use.

5. Respect face time.

You enjoy your freedom. We respect that. There may also be times when we will need to see you in person. Please be open to office visits. (For those of you working from across the country, we’ll beam you in on our trusty laptops.)