3 takeaways from my summer internship with roux

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3 takeaways from my summer internship with roux

Submitted by our summer graphic design intern, Morgan Pearce. Morgan is a junior at Mississippi State University, studying graphic design. We feel so blessed to have had her as part of our croux this summer!


With this being my first internship, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but once I walked through roux’s doors for the first time, all my anxiety went away.


The people at roux are incredibly friendly, talented and fun to be around, and I am so thankful I had the opportunity to work with them over the summer (if you are thinking about who you should intern for, definitely choose roux, and thank me later.)


Here are just a few of the many reasons I loved my summer internship at roux:


#1: The Environment


The environment at roux is laid back in the best way. Most of the time we do our work at the office while listening to great music, ordering Taziki’s for lunch (we eat at other places occasionally too, I promise), and having great conversations with the team.


The overall feel of the company is welcoming, warm, and homey which I believe is key to a great intern experience.


#2: The Experience


Roux definitely spoils you with all the things you get to and events you get to attend. This is no coffee-fetching internship.


One of the things I found interesting was sitting in on client meetings and getting to see how roux interacts with their clients and how their process works with coming up with helpful solutions and ideas.


It was always cool to see other fields helping with roux, present their work and collaborate with the clients. The team at roux also takes you to photo or video shoots so you can observe how the creatives run through their process and just do their thing. They even took me on a field trip to a printing facility so I could see all the work that goes on behind the scenes when it comes to printing different client materials.


The team at roux has such a big heart for every person they meet whether a client, a coworker, or just a random person walking down the street. They give back to the community whenever they can, and one day they invited me to volunteer at the Nashville Food Project gardens with them.


It was a great experience working on the gardens that will produce food to be distributed throughout the community. It was a lot of manual labor and super hot outside, but it was so rewarding.


#3: The Rewards


As a graphic design intern, I worked with roux’s creative director, Lauren Weiss. I was so surprised by how much she and the rest of the roux team trusted me with their clients and projects.


It made me feel confident, like they knew what I was capable of and wanted to push me to be the best I could be. As a graphic designer, there is a lot you need to know about the software, and I am still in the learning process.


I was so relieved when Lauren made me feel like it wasn’t a big deal that I didn’t know how to do everything with the programs. She happily showed me how to do different things that I needed help with or just things I wanted to know, and I learned so much. 


On top of that, you also get paid! This is awesome because most internships don’t pay you for all your time and hard work. It just goes to show how much roux really cares about their interns and trusts in what they can accomplish.



I couldn’t have imagined a better internship. I learned so much, from design and marketing to how a great company is built, and it all starts with the amazing people who run it.


To Stefan, Lauren, Karen, and Lianna, thank you so much for all you do and for this opportunity that I will cherish forever. 



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