Do people love to follow you?

//Do people love to follow you?

Do people love to follow you?

Branding Agency Franklin Image of Vision Leadership and MoreThe roux team attended the Global Leadership Summit in August (it is an annual “must” for us and we highly recommend). We’ve been tasked to write about the presentation that was most influential to us. Choosing just one has proven to be a difficult task since all the speakers had such powerful messages.
At the top of my list Craig Groeschel speaking on the topic of “How to be a leader that people love to follow.” He quickly pointed out that there is a difference between “being a leader that people love to follow” and “being a leader that people love.”
Below are highlights from his presentation. roux and I take no credit for this information as it was all directly taken from the conference.
When the leader gets better; everyone gets better. People want leadership; they want to know “where are you taking me?” And people also have emotional needs; they process “how are you treating me?”
The #1 reason people leave companies is that they don’t feel valued. People never forget how you made them feel (even if they eventually forget what you said).

  1. Great leaders make people feel valued, inspired and empowered. To make people feel this way, leaders need 4 things:
    1. A heart to care – Let people know that you notice them and that they matter to you. The best leaders help their people see their importance.
    2. Passion to inspire -Your passion can elevate a job to a calling. So can the passion of your teammates. Leaders should be generous with inspiration.
    3. Willingness to empower -Delegating tasks creates followers. Delegating authority creates leaders. The better leader you become the fewer decisions you make.
    4. Courage to be transparent -As a leader, you have to always be real; you don’t have to always be right.

One of Craig’s final shares was the following. Wow! Definitely something to think about…

If you don’t trust your team to make decisions you are either too controlling or you have the wrong people. And guess what?
This is your problem to solve…

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