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Glory Days

On my way to a client site this morning I heard Bruce Springsteen’s Glory Days. This started a thought process beginning with those one or two people we all know who seemingly live in the past and only speak about the “glory days.” Most of us have left those days behind and moved on so we can’t relate to (or sometimes even remember) the memories so precious to our friends.


Following this thought led me to the question – why aren’t all of our days glory days? Shouldn’t we look for the positive, celebrate our blessings and fit happiness into each day?


Sometimes people are said to have “peaked in “ fill in the blank – high school, college, age of 18. I don’t believe that is true of any of us. As mentioned in a previous post, we all have opportunities to continue to learn and grow. We shouldn’t place people in categories and we shouldn’t limit our capacity to evolve our minds and lives.


How are you going to create your glory days? For some of us it may just be a new mind set – waking up grateful to be alive and looking forward to the experiences of each day. The glory days.

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