Leading B’Yond Example

//Leading B’Yond Example

Leading B’Yond Example


“The reality is that the only way change comes is when you lead by example”

– Anne Wojcicki


I used to think that leading by example was good enough until I had kids. Then I realized that showing and sharing the reasons behind the example helped my boys understand and helped me to be a more effective influence.


As leaders, we often leverage position and control instead of example and influence. That may have been effective in the past but more people in the workplace (and children) want to understand the reasons.


So anticipating a child’s question about why we do it that way and sharing the reason on the front end will better prepare us to explain and not control the coaching opportunity.
I like to call it Leading B’Yond Example and even though it’s more difficult and time consuming our impact will be clearer and last longer.

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