Preview: Global Leadership Summit 2019

//Preview: Global Leadership Summit 2019

Preview: Global Leadership Summit 2019

Submitted by Stefan Speligene

This week, our croux is excited to be attending the 2019 Global Leadership Summit (GLS). 


I first attended this event at my church about ten years ago, and since then, we’ve made it a company-wide tradition. In fact, roux has been around for seven years and we haven’t missed GLS once.


GLS is hosted by the Global Leadership Network, a Christian organization dedicated to building community and supporting ministry and leadership development.


This year, the summit runs from August 8-9, and while the main event takes place in Chicago, it’s streamed across the nation at over 500 host sites. 


Our entire team will attend a local streaming, and we will be joined by a few clients.


The main benefit is really taking time out and showing our team and our clients that it’s important to continuously learn and grow.


GLS features a wide array of speakers who are able to inspire in all areas, from work to leadership to personal growth.


Our hope is always that each of us grow individually as well. At the end of the day, we want to make sure that we’re not being stagnant and continue to improve ourselves.


This year’s speakers include Craig Groeschel, Bozoma St. John, Bear Grylls, Patrick Lencioni, and many more.*


* For a full list of speakers, visit GLS’ website, and select the “Faculty” tab.

Some speakers are more well known than others, but our team is always eager to learn from new voices. Typically, you get there and within the first few minutes you’re hooked. Our mindset going in is to make sure we’re always open-minded and receptive to new speakers and new ideas.


Here at roux, we deeply value growth, both personally and professionally. Over the years, we’ve been continually encouraged by our experiences at GLS, and it has proved a positive, powerful tool for both our team and our clients. 


While we will be available to clients during the conference, response times may be a bit longer than normal. We are blessed to work with clients who understand and appreciate our commitment to growth and development as a team.


Keep an eye on the blog for a recap of our time at GLS in the coming weeks.

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