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roux recently attended a blogging and social media conference. We were there primarily to learn for our own blog and social media presences and also to gather information to share with our corporate clients. We were fascinated however by the tips and information shared by professional bloggers – that is – people who blog for a living – and how they monetize their sites. To do this, you must be really good. And not just good at writing. You have to either already have an engaged audience or know how to get and keep one.

One professional blogger, who among many other blogs has one on natural hair, said she does not make money on the natural hair blog. But she hasn’t purchased any hair care products in over 3 years because brands send her free products to try and then write about. Pretty sweet!

If getting paid in shampoo and straightener doesn’t do it for you don’t despair. Companies are happy to compensate you for likes and engagement with real money. According to the experts, as a professional blogger you can get paid to write about a brand. You can get paid a lot more if you can bring people to an event. roux is not in the business of professional blogging but we find it very interesting. How could we or our clients benefit from great bloggers? Look for a post soon on blogging and social media including the reason a $25 Amazon gift card will derail your strategy and fragment your audience.

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