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Reflections on GLS: Lianna

Thanks for visiting the blog! This week, we’re sharing snapshots from our team as they reflect on our time at the Global Leadership Summit in August. Keep reading to hear from Lianna about her first time at GLS.

This was my first year attending GLS, and I was absolutely blown away by how great the conference was.

The speakers were fantastic, and I was always excited to hear whoever was up next. Each speaker was interesting in their own unique way, but I think I most enjoyed Liz Bohannon, founder of Sseko.

Liz was really funny, and I was inspired by her drive. She encouraged us to “dream small” and just start somewhere, which I thought was a unique way of looking at things.

Craig Groeschel was also a surprising favorite for me. One phrase that stuck out to me from his talk was “bend the curve,” which basically means finding inventive ways to do more with what you already have or with little extra investment.

I think this was something that really resonated with our team, especially when we think about serving our clients. It requires thinking creatively and using our resources to their full potential, to reach and exceed our goals.

Overall, the entire summit was fantastic. I’m very thankful to work with a company that wants to invest in us as leaders. It was an awesome experience, and I can’t wait to attend again in the future.

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