Roux’s Review of SB LIII

//Roux’s Review of SB LIII

Roux’s Review of SB LIII

So, the Patriot’s won another big game – shout out to the Rams for making it a close game (even though it was a bit of a yawner). The halftime show was met with mixed reviews – one thing is clear – Adam Levine is a big fan of ink.


As is our custom, the roux croux watched the game and the commercials to select our favorites. Please see our list below in no particular order.

  • Jason Bateman is fabulous as he narrates the different “floors” on the Hyundai ad. It also has a very clear message of going up!
  • If only we could change things with the spoken word like the guy in the Mercedes A-Class Thanks Ludacris, Wile E. Coyote and whoever created this fun ad!
  • Another favorite was the Amazon Alexa So clever and entertaining while poking fun at themselves (because they really are putting her in everything!).
  • Pepsi owned being known as second choice. It also doesn’t hurt that they nabbed Steve Carrell for this entertaining commercial.


So, football is over for the season. We will wait in earnest for a new season to begin and look forward to new entertaining commercials in big game #54. Wonder who will be in the game then?

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