Let your heart crack wide open

//Let your heart crack wide open

Let your heart crack wide open

When I was visiting NYC this past weekend, I went to a yoga class with a dear friend of mine. As we prepared our mats and settled in for the experience, we both waited anticipating what this experience would have in store. My mind was anxiously thinking about my rusty my downward facing dog pose and trying to remember if I put on deodorant. Regardless of those racing thoughts, I decided to just do my best and live presently in the moment.

Soon after our sweet instructor, Petra, welcomed us and began easing us into the session. Habitually all my nerves slipped away and my mind went to my yoga happy place of self awareness and meditation. Petra challenged us to push further and explore new sequences beyond our comfort-zones. This wasn’t without its new challenges. I was a little wobbly at times and built up a good sweat, but overall was proud of what I accomplished.

As our practice came to an end, Petra challenged us to crack our hearts wide open like an egg and let all our love and goodness spread out and sink into all that’s around us. While a little gross to visualize… that’s how I want to open my heart every day. Whether it is during the workday, at the grocery store or with a neighbor, I want to have that love-giving attitude which spreads and encourages all those around me.

This past January, Stefan challenged us to go try a new experience and get out of our comfort zones. He encouraged us that these new experiences help us understand more about the world, each other and in turn create better work. I believe these lessons are similar as we push past our known boundaries and let more love and creativity in which in turn, lets more out!

As we get swept up in the daily grind of emails and tasks, let us practice the art of cracking our hearts open to love others, especially in those busy, challenging parts of the day.  I look forward to carrying these lessons with me as I strive to create meaningful work and spread goodness as I go. Please join me as I practice opening my heart more and searching for new experiences to grow from. If you’re not sure where to start, click here to visit Sarah’s previous post on meditation and share your thoughts with us below.

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