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Reflections on GLS: Morgan

Thanks for visiting the blog! This week, we’re sharing snapshots from our team as they reflect on our time at the Global Leadership Summit in August. Keep reading to hear from our intern, Morgan, about her first time at GLS.


I wasn’t sure what to expect from my first time at GLS, but I was immediately impressed by the scale of the event. I had no idea how large it would be, and I feel so grateful to have had this opportunity.


As a perfectionist, Craig Groeschel’s session really spoke to me. I was reminded that perfection is the enemy of progress, and I need to practice “bending the curve,” as Groeschel says.


I also really appreciated Liz Bohannon’s session and her concept of, “Dream small, not big.” Taking that to heart can launch you into creating and taking the baby steps necessary to get where you need to be.


Going forward, I’m eager to try “thinking inside the box” more (another tactic from Groeschel), and not trying to “overcook my time” as a perfectionist. I’m also looking forward to simply enjoying life’s ride of failures and successes. There’s something to learn from every experience, successful or not.


It was also wonderful to hear what people had to say about leadership from a Christian perspective at GLS, and I appreciated how people could come together from different backgrounds and still learn something from the speakers.

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